Why Bebold ?

Bebold could be either a temporary or a continuing mindset. A state which allow us to engage the first step leading to change. There is always a moment in our lives where we are looking for this “BeBold” drive. This moment where we have mixed feeling between fear and excitement.
We are committed to accompany and support our clients to take up this first step and the others to follow in the direction of their choice as we believe that this might impact one’s life path as well as lead to become happier and more efficient.
This step might be different depending on everyone’s need - it could be bold to:

-dare to take the leadership ,

-have the courage to express his/her opinions and make disruptive choices or decisions,

-dare his team by delegating and empowering each member,

-have the courage to raise the issues and “put the fish on the table”,

-have the courage to say NO to his/her colleagues/managers/boss,

-dare to take risks and say YES to new ventures,

-dare to believe in yourself...


Why this positioning ?

I'm personally passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, risk-taking, culture diversity, people and talent development.

Bebold Coaching is aiming to bring emotional intelligence and human-based leadership to leaders, executives and their teams through mindfulness by providing a mental, emotional and inter-personal space in which they may grow and develop.

As a leadership coach, I would like to serve as a catalyst for turning experiences and reflection into more effective, meaningful lives and contribute to a possibility of change.


What would you bring more to your clients ?

As an Executive Coach: 

-I develop and maintain a climate of trust and confidence, always remaining humble,

-I'm a seasoned executive and business leader, yet I constantly improve my coaching abilities,

-Multilingual with a double western & mediterranean culture , I cherich working in a multi-cultural environment,

-I challenge and support leaders and executives in carving out their own path with the sense of purpose,

-I'm fully committed to the success and well-being of my clients, being humanly demanding is my daily routine

-I’ve been brought up with the idea that there are always other ways to look at the world.


Will other coaches be joining Bebold Coaching ?

Bebold Coaching aim is to attract a team of coaches, men and women who have run a business, a profit center or lead teams. This experience gives them a real legitimacy to coach business leaders regardless their fields or the issues they encouter.

4 key values which constitute the foundation of future business partnership and our customer value proposition:


-ethical professionalism,

-courage and,


To join Bebold Coaching, the executive coach must concur with a vision of humanism and performance while adhering to the 4 key values with determination, caring & daring.


Who designed your Website ?

As you can imagine, an entrepreneurial adventure is like building a house !

I firstly hired the “architect”,  Laura Polet , a talented digital marketing consultant. From this moment onwards, all went smoothly. Thanks to Laura’s input and insights, I was provided with the right questions, the right strategy, the plan and timing. Martin Leclercq and his team came in to design the website. The test passed from the first proposals, it was a hit in terms of architecture, design, ease of navigation and colours combination!
Lastly the final assembly was made with  Carl Emerson for the photo shooting. He has succeeded to capture the personality's traits and energy. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and the quality. By the way, I had to drop out so many photos where I was so much laughing, LOL.

Well, as you may have guessed, I really enjoyed the learning journey of co-construction and was extremely  lucky to partner with such passionate and engaged professionals. It made a real difference!

Thanks again to all of them for the outstanding work! if you like or dislike the website, please feel free to drop them directly a few lines 😉


What will happen to your current Website ?

www.aimforleadership.com will remain online for a 6 month-transition period. This time would allow clients, prospective clients and network to get to know about my new endeavour. All the requests addressed to my previous email box will be forwarded to the current email info@beboldcoaching.ch


I’m neither a leader, an executive nor an entrepreneur, may I contact you ? 

Sure, we may schedule a trial session where you could share with me your expectations. We could then decide together whether my profile would be most suited for your challenges. If not, I'll be delighted to recommend you an appropriate fellow coach from my network.
In any case please drop us a few lines...You will not be charged for that 😉


In the meanwhile I would appreciate if you could mention Bebold Coaching to your circle of friends and colleagues !